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Upcoming Military Ball

On Thursday, March 21 the NJROTC’s Military Ball will occur at Biagio’s banquet hall. For those who don’t know, the Military Ball is a celebration for passing an AMI; an inspection on the uniforms, a student’s knowledge of the program, and if an individual’s uniform is on point. 

The Ball is a very formal event with many routines established with it. When the Ball first starts, attendants are seated and will witness a sword arch which is a form of respect to higher ranks such as Chief McQuire, Chief Lane and even Principal Grishaber. 

Some students are worried that the new venue will get rid of the energy from previous years. “Sophomore year everyone was dancing and having fun but junior year was a bit dead and people seemed to be judging you,” said Rin Argueta, a NJROTC student.

However, Abby Fisher, another NJROTC student said, “The Ball is lots of fun. Everyone was like one and not in their own groups or by themselves.”

Fisher continued on her love for the photo booth and the props provided for students. She and others also said they were sad to hear the Chateau Ritz wasn’t a CPS provider anymore, resulting in Biagio becoming the new venue.

Although students were sad, many were happy with the change because of the new food. “The Ball is a lot of fun and it is a great venue, the food needed seasoning very badly,” said Aaron Pawletki, a NJROTC student. 

The Chateu Ritz served a five course dinner of bread, soup, salad, a protein of your choice and dessert. Your choices of protein vary from chicken, beef, and more. You are also served some appetizers such as mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Although many students are excited about this event, you need to be invited or be a student in NJROTC that has passed AMI in order to attend. Every NJROTC student is allowed to invite one individual as their guest, however, you must pay the ticket fee. Each ticket is $35 per individual. 

Going on, if you are able to attend, have fun and dance the night away at this Ball. 

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