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Textile Clubs At Taft

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There are many club options at Taft, but two clubs that have recently become prominent are the Taft Crochet for a Cause club and the Taft Sewing and Fashion club.

Taft Junior, Xela Chamorro, is the president of the Crochet for a Cause club. It is an art and community service club where the members are creating handmade objects to donate to people in need.

It is a club to not only create these objects, but to make them as a team and be able to give them to people in need. It is about spreading positivity and hope to people who need it.

“I wanted to create a space where students can learn and relax while also benefiting their community,” said Chamorro.

The plan is to donate the things that are being made to organizations that help people in need. Chamorro said, “At the moment we are in the works with an organization called “Share our spare.” Any additional small items will be donated to animal shelters to help homeless pets!”

According to members of the club, crocheting is a very self expressionary art form. You create things for yourself and others with various different techniques and patterns. “Crocheting is an art form where you can make garments out of yarn! There are so many different techniques that can be used as well,” said Chamorro.

“Crocheting is a way to express art in different forms using different techniques and looks with yarn,” said Taft junior Ava Ayala.

Learning to use creativity and be collaborative are things that people who join this club will learn. It is a space for people with similar interests to get together and make friends and create for people in need.

The hope is to be able to give back to as many organizations as possible. “My hope is that we can donate to as many places as possible. Being able to give back to others is an indescribable feeling that everyone should experience,” said Taft junior Chelsea Gonzalez.

Chamorro said, “We hope to make blankets, hats, stuffed animals and anything that can make an impact in someone’s life!”

Taft Spanish teacher, Arianna Dixon is the sponsor for the Sewing and Fashion club and the president is Taft senior Sonyalee Martinez. This club is held at the Varsity Campus from 3:05  to 4:00 in room 159. 

The main goal of this club is to give students a space to express themselves and use their creativity. It is specifically sewing and fashion oriented. The school website mentions that no experience is needed and that all are welcome.

“We teach underclassmen how to sew and create projects that they can feel proud of,” said Martinez.

Self-expression is a really important part of the club and they feel that it is important that everyone has a space to create things that they are proud of as well as a comfortable space where they can enjoy themselves while being in the process of learning and creating.

“I like to see the finished products and I love seeing the pride on their faces, and you can tell that they are proud of something that they were excited to make,” said Martinez.

There are many reasons why people join the club. Many could join out of pure curiosity and self-interest. Others could be future based or even influenced by outside sources, influences, and experiences.

“Last year I wanted to do something and I enjoy sewing because of my grandma. I also wanted to do something to keep me busy and it also has benefits for college,” said Martinez.

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