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Kelce and Swift in the Spotlight

Courtesy of Google Images.
Courtesy of Google Images.

Three time winning super bowl champion Travis Kelce took over America’s screens on this last Sunday, Feb. 11. 

According to, “After a 4,896 yards catch, Travis Kelce is ranked at the top of most yards after he catches by any tight end in NFL history. Kelce is the fastest tight end in NFL history to reach the 800-reception plateau, doing so in the 142 games he played.”

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter. Her songwriting, musical skillfulness, artistic revamps, and influence on the music industry is what she is known for best. Swift is a leading cultural figure for the 21st century according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

Pop sensation and football star, Swift and Kelce, have a relationship that has been on every media app nationwide. 

“I was surprised she started dating so soon after breaking up with Joe Alwyn,” said Individuals and Societiies teacher Abigail Cozariuc. “He’s more of the buff athlete type than an ‘all american man.’” Cozariuc was clear that maybe dating Kelce is just the relationship luck Swift needs.

English Teacher and Yearbook Supervisor, John McKinney said that he didn’t know about the relationship between Kelce and Swift. After further elaboration on their announcement,  McKinney thought it was sweet. 

A huge debate on their relationship from fans is: Who is benefiting more?

According to Apex Marketing Group, “Front Office Sports first reported the pop star generated more than $330 million for the NFL and Chiefs.”

Diverse Learners teacher Jessica Strauss, feels the relationship between Swift and Kelce benefits the NFL the most rather than Swift’s career. “More Swifties are liking football and buying his jerseys, at least more than Travis Kelce fans are liking or listening to Taylor Swift,” said Strauss.

This topic has been a real controversy. It seems sports fans are hating the fact that Swift seems to be taking over football. “She’s always on my screen” and “ This is not a Taylor Swift concert,” have been popular sayings on social media especially on TikTok.

At the New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs game, Swift received an attack of “Boos” when the  jumbotron turned towards her. At first it seems she had laughed it off but as fans continue to express their disliking of her he has taken on a new approach. She is choosing to ignore the ignorance, according to Hindustan Times.

Swift fans, better known as “Swifties,” had predicted the Chiefs to win using “Swifty math” leading back to the number 13 which happens to be Swift’s favorite number. An example being: “ How many games has Taylor Swift been to? 12 plus the super bowl? 12+1 =13.”  This trend stems off of TikTok’s original “girl math.”

Kelce, a three-time Super Bowl winner for the Chiefs, may be a good football player, it’s hard to deny. According to Language and Literature teacher Haley Olds, “I only knew of him because he was on SNL.”

Kelce was draft pick 63 in the 3rd round in 2013.  Kelce has gone on to win his second super bowl in a row and third in total. As of now in all of NFL history no team has ever won three super bowls in a row, but if you can win two maybe three is not so far in Kelce’s future.

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