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Model U.N. Makes History


Taft High School has made history again thanks to the Model UN Club’s successful weekend at their competition. Our very own senior Charlie Hans, senior Adriana Manzano, and freshman Jack Matheis won Taft’s first awards for Model UN. 

Many might not know what High School Model UN is, but teacher and sponsor Alexander Weldon said,  “Model UN is a simulation of the real United Nations as well as other political bodies. It first began in 1947 at the collegiate level and has expanded to high school since.” 

In Weldon’s words, “By taking on the role of different global leaders and governments, they are also encouraged to see the world through a lens other than their own.” This is why the awards were so anticipated with all of the extra work put into this program. 

Students who join are able to engage in political discussions with students around the world while also gaining different perspectives of our world. Senior Charlie Hans said, “I joined Model UN because I have a distinct interest in  history and geopolitics.” 

Taft was successful not only because of their awards won, but because of the amount of interest from seniors and incoming freshmen. After watching his students Weldon said, “Students reported improving invaluable skills like public speaking, negotiation, and empathy.” 

The awards won by these students shows the immense amount of hard work and perseverance. Hans said, “I put forth a lot of hard work and it was fun getting to work with other people to figure out the best solutions.” Students are able to create a sense of community while problem solving. 

Weldon then went on to explain, “Awards are given in three different areas. Charlie Hans (12th), Adriana Manzano (12th), and Jack Matheis (9th) all won verbal commendation awards.” Verbal commendation awards are given to delegates who didn’t fall within the top three performers, but the dais and staff believe deserve some recognition, committees can grant several or none at all.

Since they can award none at all, it is a great achievement that three students from Taft were given them. Hans and Manzano won in their role as delegates representing the country of Guinea-Bissau in the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee. Jack won for his role as Senator Howell Heflin in the historical U.S. Senate committee. 

Overall it was a very successful weekend, congratulations to all who participated.

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