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Dune: Part Two


On Friday, March 1, the long awaited film Dune: Part Two came to the movie theaters after almost four years. Taft fans were excited.

Dune: Part One tells the story of a character named Paul Aterides and he must protect and is a  prophet to planet Arrakis and his main objective is to serve him and his people’s future. As the House Harkonnens, which are the villains, attempt to completely colonize planet Arrakis and take the most valuable substance in the universe.

In more detail the planet Arrakis holds the most important supply which is spice. The spice can be used to travel the universe, also it allows them to access memory which is a source of a lot of their knowledge and makes them stronger. This leads into a war between planet Arrakis and the Harkonnens.

Dune: Part One was rated highly by audiences and critics. It proved to be a very good movie. This set a high bar for Dune: Part Two. The expectations were high going into the sequel and audiences expected the same level of quality that was demonstrated in Dune: Part One.

Dune: Part Two was praised by critics. IMDb rated the movie nine out of ten. It was praised for staying true to the plot of the book and its captivating visuals. The characters were described as compelling and interesting.

The audience rated Dune: Part Two very highly. It received a 95% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. This is even higher than the critics’ score of 93% on the Tomatometer.

Some Taft students thought otherwise about the film. According to Taft fans this movie does have some weak spots and does suffer a bit from the film being too long and leaving fans still confused and doesn’t understand the movie very well and also leaving fans still questioning about the main plot and ending.

“Dune Part: Two was definitely hard to understand and it left me still in question about some parts of the movie and I had to  search up the explanation of the whole movie. I feel like if they cleared more things and made it less confusing this movie could have been easily a 10/10,” said Keith Talbert, Taft junior. 

However the majority of Taft fans really loved this film and enjoyed the overall aspects of the film. Also calling it the best movie of the year and some Taft fans are calling this the best film of all time.

Dune: Part Two was probably the best movie I ever saw. This film had so much action from beginning to end and the story was so good I really enjoyed it and I recommend it,” said Alex Furman, Taft junior.

According to Taft fans, Dune: Part Two overall improved in visuals and the action sequences. Also the movie had very good character development and showed more of the Harkonnens and showed more of the people who live on planet Arrakis which the people are named the Fremen.

“This movie definitely improved from Dune Part:One  It really showed a lot more action and it didn’t feel slow like Dune: Part One did , but Dune: Part Two had a perfect pace and the CGI and the action scenes were incredible and I love every character in this movie,” said Idris Bachir, Taft junior.

According to Box Office Mojo, Dune:Part Two had a worldwide opening of $367,527,668. This made it the biggest global weekend market in IMAX history. 

Dune: Part Two definitely did not leave fans disappointed this leaves the hype to the highest for Dune: Part Three. Taft fans cannot wait for Dune: Part Three and expect better than the other two movies.

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