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IB Testing: Advice and Guidance


All Taft students are IB students. Taft offers multiple IB programs that are individualized to help meet students’ interests. For example, IB Middle Years Programme is offered to students grades seven through ten. The IB Diploma Programme and IB Career-Related Programmes are offered to grades eleven through twelve.

 IB programs and classes help strengthen critical thinking skills while helping students become productive citizens and leaders worldwide. That being said, IB testing is coming up in the near future. In addition to the SAT for juniors, AP testing for students in AP classes, and practice exams for seniors on Mar. 15.

Overall, it can be a stressful time for students taking these classes in hopes of receiving college credit and or better scholarship opportunities. In these upcoming weeks leading up to spring break, teachers are preparing students the best they can to reduce this stress and prepare them for the upcoming test.

IB Language and Literature teacher, Jungsun Moon, has been teaching for 21 years with five of those years being here at Taft. He shared his advice on how students can prepare for the upcoming testing. “Doing well and paying attention in your classes, using your teachers for support and completing classwork are all ways students can come prepare for testing,” said Moon.

Moon continued, “Having the right perspective also helps.” He went on to explain how these exams wouldn’t be the end of the world and that coming in with a more level headed and less hysterical perspective could benefit the results of your test and life in general. “Don’t stress out,” said Moon.

Moon went on to state how as a teacher he notices that students could improve on both their analyst skills in addition to their writing skills, at least that’s the case for Language and Literature. IB Language and Literature is a two year course which not only has IB testing but HL essays, an oral essay and during senior year paper one and paper two which are written exams.

“With any program it has its strengths and drawbacks to IB, its focus on global issues and students being able to work with a variety of texts is good. IB teaches you how to manage your time, resources and even stress by having students find a balance between their workload and home-life,” said Moon.

Having other students going through IB testing during the same time as you can also provide peace of mind. By knowing that you are not alone in feelings this way and that there are students like you. 

Seniors Dominique Moran and Nicki Ta are a part of IBDP, which means that they are in all IB level classes. They shared their previous experiences with  IB testing and their feelings towards their upcoming IB testing. 

“I took one IB test last year, so my stress levels were different then those who had to take two IB tests, so it would be different for every student. Although, having previously taken AP classes it helped me prepare both for the (IB) classes themselves and testing,” said Moran.

Moran went on to share her advice for juniors, “I recommend students to get their assignments done as soon as possible and or to come up with a system or sorts to lessen the work-load at once, and also help students actually learn the material. Studying with friends also helps.”

Ta agreed and added, “Having a support group is super helpful. Teachers can also offer support by being readily available. Teachers sometimes let us come in during our lunch period if we need additional help.”

Ta went on to state, “ Being a well-rounded student who’s in clubs and sports can help so that you’re not just focused on school since it gives you something to look forward to and it’s something that you enjoy so that you can destress.” 

Finding your niche to what helps you calm down and destress is very important especially in these upcoming weeks with testing. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, watching Criminal Minds or any fun t.v. shows, drawing, reading and so forth. Taking time for yourself is  not only key for your mental and physical health but to be in the right mindset for testing too.

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