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Jojo Siwa Karma Controversy

Mary Connolly
Taft student watching the music video for the new Jojo Siwa song “Karma”

Recently, Jojo Siwa decided to change up her appearance and rebrand herself into a brand new character. She made a pretty large switch from pink and bubbly to dark and extreme.

With this rebranding, she came out with a new song that many people have had mixed opinions on. Originally people were making fun of her for this song and thought that it was stupid and annoying. Once the song was released, people realized that it sounded somewhat familiar.

With the song gaining in popularity before it was even released, one of the original singers of the song, Brit Smith, came out and claimed that Siwa had stolen the song from her. 

“Jojo didn’t even write that song, but she keeps taking all the credit. She hasn’t even acknowledged Brit Smith at all,” said Taft junior Camila Guerrero.

Many people have different opinions about this whole situation. Some feel that you can not steal music, but others feel that the song should have at least been changed a little to make it more original. 

“All she really had to do was make it more original. She’s taking credit for something that’s not hers and it’s getting kinda annoying,” said Taft junior Gabriela Vrettos.

Though this situation already seems a little annoying, Siwa goes on to say in an interview that she is the “inventor of gay-pop”, but then, in an interview with TMZ, she takes back that statement and claims to be the “CEO.” People found this odd because many artists have come before her in the “gay-pop” genre.

With this situation causing a lot of backlash towards Siwa, she has come out with a few statements to address some of the things that she has said. 

She started by addressing the fact that she stole the song from Miley Cyrus and Brit Smith in an interview with E! News by saying that it is very common for songs to be written and for artists to not use them. So she didn’t steal the song, but instead, it was pitched to her.

“I don’t even know what she’s saying anymore. So many people have come before her like Queen, Elton John, Lady Gaga, and so many more,” said Taft junior Maya Michalowicz.

During all of this, after Smith accused Jojo of stealing her song, Smithactually decided to release the same song as Jojo and people are absolutely loving it.

“I feel like this whole thing is really interesting, but I feel like Brit could get into some trouble. Jojo might try and sue her since it’s not her song anymore,” said Vrettos.

After both of the artists released their voices to the song “Karma” people also started to worry that Smith may get into some legal trouble due to the fact that, technically, Siwa and her team bought and own the rights to the song now.

All of this could turn into something very serious for both of these artists, or it could all be some publicity stunt to bring more fame to both artists. The only way to find out for now is to let the drama play out and see what happens next.

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