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Physics Six Flags Trip

Taylor Golden
Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, Illinois

Six Flags 2024 offers the new SkyStriker, described to be a high-flying, soaring adventure. Taft’s eligible juniors will be able to experience this and have many more rides like the classic American Eagle, Raging Bull. They will also see the amazing views overlooking the park from the Sky Trek Tower. 

The deadline for the ticket purchase was March 15 at 3:00 pm. Students should have received an email prior to then if they met certain requirements such as passing their physics class and having a good attendance and behavior record. Tickets were 50 dollars, outside guests are not allowed. The trip will take place on April 25.

Students should go to their first period class and then meet at the designated location provided by their teacher. The buses will depart from Taft at 8:40 am and then again at 5:30 pm from Six Flags and students should be back at Taft by 6:30 pm.

Richard DeThorn is a Taft Physics teacher. He has also worked at Six Flags prior to his 12 years of working as a teacher. DeThorne said, “On the trip, students will experience different phenomenons that are studied in class such as g-force, centripetal velocity and so forth.”

“…Which makes it both a fun and educational experience; however, planning is a nightmare due to the number of students, waiting for the approval and dates from Six Flags, and because of the short deadline the planning can feel rushed. Since we’ve been doing it for so long it has gotten better and we know what to expect,” said DeThorne.

It is currently expected that about 400 Taft juniors are planning to attend, in addition to students from other high schools. “This is not required, usually students who dislike or are afraid of roller coasters don’t go, which is completely fine, students can expect to do a checklist of activities which we’ll discuss the next day with students in class,” said DeThorne.

DeThorne shared how his familiarity with the park really helps with the overall trip. He mentioned how the Wizard is one of his favorite rides because of its structure and since it’s been in the park for so long. He also mentioned iconic rides that are no longer there such as the Deja Vu and Iron Wolf. Overall he reports that a lot of kids enjoy the trip. “Everything goes great-the hardest part is getting kids back on the bus,” said DeThorne.

Taft junior Liabella Eccarius said, “I knew about the Six Flags trip prior to being a junior from my stepsister telling me. I am excited for this but I am a little scared because I’m not used to roller coasters. I’m a water slide girl.”

“I expect to ride the roller coasters and maybe have an education component of something education. However, This was not planned well because I got it two days prior to the due date while other classes had more time,” said Eccarius.

In addition to paying for the ticket, students will also have to get their teachers’ signatures to prove that they are going on the trip and for attendance purposes. Students will miss all of their classes besides their first periods. 

“I recommend upcoming juniors to participate in this field trip because it is a fun time to enjoy and also learn about physics,” said Eccarius. 

Taft junior Anais Torres said, “I’m excited to see all my friends who I don’t share any classes with on the trip.” 

Torres believes the trip was planned well and organized and that everyone will have enough time to do a lot especially since the park will be closed and only available for this year’s juniors and other schools.

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