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Hey June: Media’s Newest Premieres

June TV Releases
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June TV Releases

As the school year wraps up, students can enjoy summer’s joys: good weather, unlimited free time, and watching television all day. Thankfully, a fresh media lineup is up for those who want to lay on their couch for a few days. Taft Today just hopes you have all the streaming services necessary.

As June kicks off, Godzilla Minus One hits digital sites. Though officially unavailable for Westerners, the film premiered on Amazon Prime Japan, giving fans an in. Already, Americans are uploading Minus One to the Internet Archive. It’s a great watch – Toho’s attempt to bring back Godzilla to his destructive roots. Indeed, Minus One was the first Oscar-winning kaiju film! 

“I was very surprised when I watched Minus One in theaters,” says Taft senior Peter Riley. “I’m used to Godzilla as a hero, not a disaster. I’m going to rewatch the movie as soon as I can. Bless the internet!”

As for official releases, The Acolyte hits Disney + on June 4. The latest entry in the Star Wars television universe, this show strays from expected fanservice. With an original cast, The Acolyte portrays the stagnant Jedi Order before the film’s timespan. Mired in stagnation, our protagonists must confront a reemerged threat – murderous Sith, worming their way through a bloodied galaxy. 

“The latest Star Wars shows have been mid, but this seems different,” said Loyola senior Maria Gallego. “I’m curious to see where Disney wants to take the show’s direction. It could be good!”

Soon after, The Boys‘ much anticipated fourth season drops on Prime Video on June 13. Following a vigilante team that blackmails and murders villainous “superheroes,” The Boys features a star-studded cast with names like Anthony Starr, Karl Urban, and Jack Quaid. These actors have already delivered three seasons of quality TV and will likely continue their winning streak come June.

“I’m very excited for The Boys,” says Taft junior Myron Pavlov. “I even like it better than Invincible – can’t wait to see what they do with Homelander’s plans!”

To round out the month, we have acclaimed two drama series: HBO’s House of the Dragon premieres on June 16 and Hulu’s The Bear on June 27. The former is the latest season in the critically acclaimed prequel to Game of Thrones, while the latter is a Chicago-based chef’s drama. 

Overall, it’s a good month, no matter your provider!

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