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Basketball is for Everyone

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With the upcoming basketball season, there are many students who want to either join basketball or watch a game. However, if you want to attend a basketball game or tryout for the team but don’t know where to start: Continue reading, as this article will help simplify both how to play basketball and what goes on in the games. 

In basketball there are five  positions- point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center. Each position has their own roles. Center position is usually the tallest player, they play close to the basket and their goal is to either make close shots and or rebounds. They also try to block the other opponents’ shots. 

Power Forward is very similar to center position, as like center they play near the basket. They make rebound shots and defend taller players, but unlike center they are able to take longer shots. Small Forward plays against large and small players. They typically roam around the court and score long shots and close ones. 

Point guards usually play offense, as they typically are the best dribblers and passers. They also block the opponents’ point guard and try to steal the ball from them. In addition, they help set up shots and lead the teams’ offensive. Shooting guards are usually the best shooters, so they typically make the longest shots. 

Although a basketball team can have many players, only five play at a time (5v5). So each player gets assigned one of the positions above prior to the game. The others sit on the bench and get swapped in when the other players get tired or the coach decides to put them in, usually, during half-time or timeouts.

In basketball, players must dribble or pass the ball to a teammate, they can not travel and or take more than two steps without dribbling, otherwise it will be considered a traveling violation. Other violations include hurting other players, illegal moves/plays and unsportsmanlike behavior. Violations can lead to penalties such as having to give up the ball to the other team and so forth.

The goal in basketball is to score more points than the other team. They do this by shooting the basketball in the other team’s basket. A shot within the three point line is worth two points and anything beyond the three point line is worth three points. They also have the potential to score one or two points at the free throw line, which is the result of the other team getting a foul. 

There are more rules to basketball but that sums up the basics. The above  information was provided by the official NBA page through their Junior NBA programs. On average a basketball game lasts for a few hours depending on if they go into overtime. Now to hear from the perpectives of basketball players here at Taft.

Richard Nguyen, a Taft junior, who has been playing basketball at Taft for four years since 8th grade. He is currently on the boys Varsity basketball team. Nguyen said, “ Basketball is super cool, I’ve been playing since I was little and even played overseas.”

Nguyen continued, “ I can play every position in basketball, it has been a fun experience to play basketball at Taft. I am proud to be on the Boys’ Varsity team, and I enjoy hanging out with my teammates who are my friends.” 

“ It also helps me stay physically active and fit. I exercise in preparation for my basketball games,” said Nguyen. 

Calvin Dang is also a Taft junior on the Boys Varsity Basketball team and has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember. Dang said, “I play center position- I once scored 47 points in one game.” 

Dang continued, “ I even once played for a Women’s Basketball team, because my parents signed me up for it by accident. It was during sixth grade and it was a nice experience because I got to see the best of both worlds”.

Rim Ayouchi, a junior at Taft who has played basketball since she was little and was a part of her middle school basketball team and the Taft girls basketball team- usually plays offense. Ayouchi said, “These girls love the game and they work hard.”

Ayouchi continued, “At a Taft Girls Basketball game you can expect a whole lot of screaming, a loud stadium cause we are always supporting our girls team, and guys too. You can expect our taft girls giving it their all. You can expect speed and agility, the Taft team being there for each other and you can expect wins.”

Boys Basketball Coach Andre Harris has been coaching basketball for a total of 14 years with 3 years being here at Taft. Harris discussed the process of tryouts and shared his enthusiasm for basketball. Harris said, “Basketball is a sport for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy, girl, adult or child.”

“I love coaching Boys Basketball- this is another way to help young men learn life skills. It’s interesting to see the cliche of boys to men,” said Harris.

Harris continued, “Tryouts are the worst, I hate breaking hearts of people who give it their all but don’t have it right now- don’t take the cut personally, use it as motivation.” 

Lastly, Harris said, “If you haven’t seen a basketball game, you really should. It will change the way you think, by seeing how hard the players are trying- it’s very encouraging and allows you to forget about your life struggles and live in the moment.”

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