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Barbie Movie Review

*spoiler alert
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The movie was released on July 21. I recall my anticipation and expectations. I  loved Barbie as a little girl and was excited to see this movie. As soon as it was released I saw it with my friend. I thought this was going to be a cute, funny movie but it was  more than I expected. 

The movie starts with Barbie in Barbie Land. Barbie deals with an identity crisis and soon leaves Barbie Land and goes to the real world. What she experiences in the real world is what causes her to discover her identity and purpose. Her journey back to Barbie Land is when larger themes of the movie are presented and developed further. 

I assumed this movie was  targeting children as their audience, and for this to be a kids movie, but it brought up important controversial topics  such as  sexism, patriarchy, and gender inequality, but most of all  feminism.  

In Barbie Land, women are in control and superior to men.  When Barbie enters the real world and Ken follows he then discovers the roles are more reversed. Consequently, Ken made his own patriarchy. 

To end Kens’ patriarchy the  Barbies were told an important message. The message was delivered beautifully by America Ferrara who played Gloria. Her message was so empowering it broke the trance the Barbies were under.                                                                                                                    

I recall my initial thought when  I heard this speech, I was so shocked that this speech was added to this type of movie.

The speech was meaningful and relatable.  It discussed the beauty and difficulty it is being a woman within today’s society, as well as the responsibilities and the stereotypical ideas that are applied to only women.

So in my opinion the movie was great,  funny at times,  well made, the graphics looked great, and the theme of the whole movie made it ten times better.

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