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What’s New at Fright Fest?

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Six Flags Great America starts off fall with new thrilling adventures. The annual Fright Fest event has added two new spooky haunted houses to their original four.

Six Flags has partnered up with movie studio Lionsgate, and Twisted pictures, to bring a brand new haunted house based off their up and coming Saw X film. Great America said visitors will get to  “Experience the return of Jigsaw as you attempt to survive his ingenious and terrifying traps.” 

Not only will this haunted house bring thrilling scares, but it will also attract views and revenue for ‘Saw X’. Former Taft student, Aryana Bermeo, said, “I think it’s a great addition and would bring in a large audience who also likes the Saw movies.” 

Fans of the franchise can’t wait to see what kind of bone chilling sights they will encounter in the haunted house. Taft Senior, Lisa Kosmala, hopes for authenticity. She said, “I hope they incorporate that well with the scare actors and decor in the house. That would be such a cool experience, to feel like you’re living the movie.” 

Six Flags’ second haunted house opening this fall is The Estate at Wretched Meadows. A manor set in the 1960s that has been experiencing some paranormal activity after the ceiling collapsed and killed several workmen. 

The evidently frightening haunted house should be expected to bring a new audience to Fright Fest this year. Chicago citizen, Hannah Wilson, said,“Six flags, to me, hasn’t been interesting because Fright Fest has been pretty much the same every year, but I would be interested in seeing how they implement these new attractions.”

Visitors can go to to buy a Haunted Attractions Pass for 25 dollars. You can also buy the Express Haunted Attractions Pass for 45 dollars to speed past the regular lines and get to the fear faster!


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