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The Most Beneficial Shoe

Courtesy of Google Images.
Courtesy of Google Images.

Just by checking under the desks during class time or by accidentally stepping onto somebody’s New Balances when there’s a traffic jam in the hallways, everybody has some type of footwear on.

In Taft, you come across many different types of shoes students carry on their feet. Popular examples include Panda Nikes, Winter Uggs, and Classic Clog Crocs. There is also room to mention some alternative styles, such as Doc Martens and any type of high heels or platforms.

There are many different styles and practicalities students wear their shoes for, but out of all these individual brands, shoe-types, and vogues, which can be said to be the most beneficial?

Lily Georgieva, senior, said her favorite shoes are Doc Martens. “They’re spacious, comfortable and built for working. They’re multi-purposeful and last a long time.” She says they look good at first purchase and later when they are used and beat.

Having previously written an article about the history of Doc Martens, she said that Docs have a fundamental cultural background and “Are beneficial for being unisex shoes.”

She adds that heeled shoes are also a good option of footwear. “Heels can fix your posture!”

Elisabeth Chambers, senior, says that Adidas are so comfortable. “They’re good to walk in and fashionable- they come in many color options.”

Chambers says she does not wear her shoes to match her outfits, just for comfort. “They are a good fit because they’re wide.” She says that Adidas are a good wear compared to heels or soccer shoes, “It’s hard to break in soccer shoes and you can’t play sports in heels. Heels also get your feet bad!”

Contrasting with Georgieva’s response, Chambers says that “Heels are the least practical- you can’t play sports in them and they get your feet bad.”

Anonymous, senior, says his favorite shoes are heeled boots. “They’re not comfy, but they’re stylish.”

He says he knows how to walk in heels and prefers style over comfort. “They give me height.” He says that his favorite color of shoes are black because it goes with every outfit. 

He adds that, “Heels are the least practical, but I like challenging myself!”

I, Vicki Lipski, think that the most beneficial shoe to wear would be Nike dunks. Not only do they serve comfort for your feet and weigh light, but they’re also stylish and come in a variety of different colors and patterns. The only downside about these shoes is that they are low platform, I wouldn’t recommend wearing them outside in cold weather!

I, Taylor Golden, think that the most beneficial shoes are Converse. Although they are not the most practical shoes in the world, they are easy to match with any outfits. However, they are not the best shoes to go running in, or for working out in. Overall I prefer them because they are easy to match with outfits.

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