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Swimming Start Up


Swimming is no joke and both athletes and coaches have much anticipation and preparation surrounding the start of the season. The Taft Boys Swim Team is starting their season on Monday, Nov.13. Tryouts are being held on both the 13th and the 14th of November.

Swim Coach Luis Navarro said, “ I hope for a great turnout this year and I look forward to seeing how this season will go.”

The swimmers have expressed excitement and enthusiasm in regards to tryouts. They are ready to get in the water and start swimming. 

Senior Kenan Carkic stated, “I’m excited to meet the incoming freshman and see how our team forms with its new members. I feel confident and ready to start the season.”

Many of the swimmers have done much to prepare for the season. Some have gone to the gym, dieted, exercised, and participated in club swimming outside of the school. 

Junior Carson Rose said, “I swam with a club during the off-season to keep up my endurance and be ready for this next season.”

On the day of tryouts there was a group of incoming freshmen that joined the team. All of them participated in the swimming sets. Some were missing some key gear for swimming but were able to gain knowledge on those items from the coach and their teammates.  

Others were newcomers and it was their first time doing this sport. They needed guidance from returning swimmers and the swim coach.

Navarro said, “It’s my job to make sure that these kids know the sport and can excel in the sport. I have no problem taking time to teach them what they need to know because it benefits them as swimmers and the team as a whole.” 

The environment remains welcoming and collaborative during tryouts. Everyone is willing to give a helping hand and the swimmers have the motivation to excel and grow. The players are open to constructive criticism and are eager to learn.

Junior Connor Sedlacek said, “I really appreciated the pointers on my dives that Kenan and coach gave me. It really helped me with my diving form.”

The boys swim because it’s what they love and it’s a part of them. They have all expressed great joy and gratitude for the sport and are ready to put this positive energy into this year’s season.

Junior Preston Muehleis said, “ I love Swimming!” 

Overall, The team did a great job at tryouts, the support and help from the coaches and team members is overwhelming. The team is welcoming and fun and they are excited to see how the season goes.

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