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Taft Walkout

Courtesy of reporter.
Courtesy of reporter.

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, a group of students at Taft High School walked out of class during their seventh period to show support for Palestinian civilians.

Freshmen through seniors marched around Norwood Park and Dunning to spread their message. Security went out with students to supervise the protests. 

Eligiah Pagan, Taft freshman, attended the walkout at the Taft Freshman Academy. The students left through the main entrance, heading down Oak Park to Irving Park before holding up signs and chanting at the local gas station.

“I attended the walkout because I thought it was a cool reason for a walkout,” Pagan said.

 Shahed Othman, Taft junior, attended the walkout to show her support for Palestine. “They’re all like family to me so why wouldn’t I show up,” she said.

Mark Grishaber, Principal at Taft High School, said he doesn’t know what the goal of the walkout was. “I don’t know. No one took credit for the walkout. I actually found out about it through social media.”  

“I honestly think that the parents were the ones who set this up using their kids for the protest,” he added.  “They were the ones passing out signs and telling everyone the chants.”

Language and Literature teacher Emma Levine said, “I think any student who wants to have their voices heard is valid and important and school is a place they can feel safe to do so.” 

Levine is also an advocate for exposing oneself to as much information as possible.

She said,“I think one of the most important things to do in a situation as heavy as this one is to expose yourself to as much information as possible to get a better understanding of what is going on around you.”

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