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Girls Wrestling Team

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Every year,  Taft offers a variety of sports during the winter season for students to participate in. Taft recently added a new team to the list such as girls wrestling. So there are nine sports offered this winter. 

The season began for almost all sports. The first tryouts for the season were on Oct. 23 and the last will be on Nov. 20. For the Girls and Boys’ Wrestling teams, their season began on Nov. 7. 

Taft’s Wrestling team has won many city championships and state qualifiers.

 Before this season, boys and girls on the Wrestling team practiced together. The idea of a girl’s team was pitched to the Athletic Directors by Rugby coach Jamie Stephen. This was approved on Nov. 4. Stephen is now a coach for the girl’s wrestling team.

Stephen stated, “I coach the Girl’s Rugby team at Taft and always encourage the girls to play a winter sport. Wrestling is an excellent sport for anyone that wants to get better at rugby.”

Stephen continued, “Among other things, it gets you in really good shape, improves speed and agility, and teaches perfect tackling technique.”

Stephen continued, “I also hope that more girls in general, outside of rugby, will join the wrestling team.” 

Wrestling is a no-cut sport so everyone is welcome to join. Practices are held every day after school from 3:30 to 6:00 pm.

Students like Nadia Richards and Rim Aoyouchi are interested in the Girl’s Wrestling team. 

Richards, senior, said, “I’m excited and a little nervous because of all the hard work being put into it. It’ll be a great experience nevertheless.”

Richard continued, “I thought it was awesome because before this the girls had to practice with boys.”

Richard continued, “There weren’t that many girls to begin with too but now there’s a ton.”

Aoyouchi, junior, said, “It’s my first time doing wrestling, second week in and it’s going pretty well.”

Aoyouchi continued, “ It takes a lot to play a sport like this.This sport isn’t something you can start and stop when you please, it takes commitment and consistency.”

Aoyouchi stated, “ There’s only two returning girl wrestlers and we’re up to nine girls at practices.”

Aoyouchi continued, “I’m very excited about being part of the team and excited that we have more girl wrestlers.” 

Aoyouchi continued, “I’m looking forward to being well conditioned by the end of the season…. I’ve got a new appreciation for wrestlers, cause this stuff ain’t easy.”

The Girls Wrestling team serves as an opportunity for many girls to expand their skills and make new experiences. If you’re interested come after school to practice.

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