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Senior Lunch Room

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The Senior Lunch Room, also known as “the Nest,” is something new to the school. The Nest used to be the library. Last year, everyone was allowed in the nest during their lunch period.

Coming from a senior, I enjoy having a lunch room just for seniors because it doesn’t feel suffocating like the cafeteria. There are also three ping pong tables, which are enjoyed by some of the seniors, while others might not enjoy it as much. 

“I enjoy having a lunch room just for seniors, it’s a lot calmer in here,” said Amelia Gorzelany, Taft senior. 

There are a lot of upsides about having a senior lunch room, but there is a downside. The only downside is having to go up to the lunchroom to get the school lunch. It gets very crowded when trying to get lunch so it takes a while to get it.

It also gets sometimes very hot there. However, the cafeteria is also super hot as well. I also like having the opportunity to have lunch in the cafeteria if you want to. It’s very chill in the Nest. It’s not loud and you get to talk to your friends without having to yell. 

The cafeteria can also feel sticky and smelly when “the Nest” doesn’t feel sticky or doesn’t have much of a smell. I was surprised that “the Nest” is now only for seniors when last year it was opened the year before for everyone and the year before that as well. 

When it was first announced I could hear from underclassmen that it was unfair that seniors got their lunch room, which is understandable. I know I would be bothered if the seniors got their lunchroom last year.

Even though most of the seniors go to “the Nest,” a few stay in the cafeteria because they either have friends who are younger classmen, need to have lunch, or just prefer the lunch room over “the Nest.” 

Having a senior lunch room was very much needed. Being able to have a space with other seniors just makes me feel comfortable because everyone is chill and doesn’t care about what everyone else is doing.

Also, I would think that other seniors are also happy that there’s a place where they can chill without having to be around many other students and being in a place that’s extremely loud and smelly.

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