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HadesTown is a musical that is based on Greek mythology. The stories that the musical focuses specifically on are Orpheus and Eurydice who are young dreamers. Orpheus is more focused on making songs and playing his lyre during the whole show and Eurydice is focused on putting food on the table and making money. 

In the musical Eurydice is upset and stressed out about having to be the only person in their relationship putting food on the table. In the musical it also focuses on the relationship of Persephone and Hades. It takes place during winter when Persephone goes back down to the underworld,“HadesTown”. 

In HadesTown, Hades made a place that was warm, bright, and had many buildings. He made it because he wanted a place where Persephone felt like she was at home. But instead of being appreciative and happy about what he did,Persephone was not impressed at all and she didn’t care about it.  So, he told her he would find someone that actually appreciated what he did. That’s when he met Eurydice and she signed a contract with him that she would work there for him. Once she disappeared to Hadestown Orpheus started looking for her and Hermes the god of messages told him that she was with Hades. 

One Taft student had the opportunity to see the musical. “I love the story and how the performers acted out each scene!” said Jenny Hoffan, Taft junior. “Their performance really impacted the show.”  

 HadesTown has a deeper meaning than just being about the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. It reflects the struggles, joy, pain, and fears in the world. In the Musical Oprhues carries a red flower that symbolizes the love that he had for Eurydice. 

The previewing of HadesTown on Broadway started on March 22, 2019, and the opening night was set for April 17,2019. On HadesTown.Com it goes into depth about being on tour that’s going through 2023-2024. This tour is officially known as the North American Tour. 

At the 73rd Annual Tony Awards, HadesTown won eight out of fourteen awards that they were nominated for, including Best Musical and Best Direction of Musical. The stage that is used for HadesTown is very similar to the one used in Hamilton. Being able to walk in one place without moving. 

In the middle of the stage there was a part that would get lowered during the show and have people coming from the ground. This made the musical more interesting and made people keep looking at the stage. 

From the information presented HadesTown is a very popular musical that will be in the spotlight for a while. 

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