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FAFSA Is Open!

Courtesy of reporter.
Courtesy of reporter.

What is FAFSA? FAFSA is financial aid for future and current college students. Most students could be eligible if they meet their financial need. FAFSA was soft-launched in late December and after loads of errors, FAFSA is now open!

There are multiple steps in this process. The students and the parents must finish their parts for the FAFSA form to be complete. Both were given numerous questions, such as marital status, birthdate, etc. The parents portion does have more questions and requirements. On their part, their 2022 tax returns are uploaded.

The deadline to file is June 30. Also, different schools have different deadlines and policies to submit FAFSA. The sooner students fill out the form, the more they can receive more grants/money for school.

Many students have or plan to fill out the FAFSA form for college.

Taft senior Olivia Renteria stated, “ I filled out FAFSA in early January and I didn’t like the process, it was annoying.” 

She continued, “ The questionnaire portion for both parts was simple and was completed within half an hour.”

Taft senior Gianni Hernandez stated, “ When FAFSA was being soft-launched it was difficult for my parents to access the form due to the errors. However,  the process of FAFSA was easy and took three days to complete both forms.”

 There have been significant changes in the format this year. First, now students have to invite their parent(s) to create a FAFSA ID and fill out their part of the FAFSA. Also when creating a FAFSA ID your social security isn’t required anymore, and now students can add up to twenty colleges instead of just ten.

Taft senior Mia Strother stated, “ I did like filling out the form even though it was a lengthy process. It took me 30 minutes to fill out the FAFSA after creating the FAFSA ID and my mom about an hour.”

Many students have rushed to fill out the FAFSA application so far. If you haven’t done so already, fill it out to find out the amount of financial aid you can receive for school.

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