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From the Page to the Stage

Mary Connolly and Carmen Ramirez May 28, 2024

Reading novels and plays is very important to English classes, but it is also just as important to be able to view the things that are being read to help provide more of an understanding to the text.  For...

Writer Tatiana Kotarba workshopping her article with Editors-in-Training Cassie Nowik and Carmen Ramirez.

Guest Opinion: Skincare Outrage

Tatiana Kotarba, Taft Sophomore May 28, 2024

Walking into Woodfield mall, I see little girls from ages six through ten walking into Sephora which should in reality be for teenagers and older women. Young girls walk past cheaper makeup and run straight...

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Seniors’ Last Memories

Celina Cuevas and Alani Perez May 28, 2024

The class of 2024 is nearing the end of their school year. We wanted to see how our fellow seniors’ experiences at Taft might have been different than ours. We decided to ask our fellow seniors what...

Courtesy of Yvette Santiago.

Summer Fashion at Taft

Cassie Nowik, Reporter May 28, 2024

Taft students are putting away their winter clothes and bringing out their best summer fits. Without a strict school dress code, Taft students are able to express themselves through the use of clothes....

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Women in STEM

Janel Limardo, Reporter May 28, 2024

How many women do you know in STEM? How many women do you know plan on going into a career in STEM? Common answer: not many.  If I asked you to name some famous women in STEM could you? According...

Courtesy of The Talon.

Senior Summerin

Taft Secret Admirers (S.S. & M.J.), Reporter May 15, 2024

We can already feel the heat touching our skin. Enough about exams, homework, teachers, blah blah blah. We’re REACHING for summer now. One goal we both have this summer is to hit the beach at LEAST once...

Tortured Poets Department Manuscript Vinyl

Taylor Swift: A Tortured Poet

Kailee Roman, Editor May 9, 2024

On Friday, April 19, Taylor Swift released her eleventh album, Tortured Poets Department, also referred to as TTPD. At 2 am, Swift dropped a second album, Anthology. Fans have noticed Swift referencing...

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Where are your Favorite Influencers now?

Celina Cuevas and Alani Perez May 9, 2024

As the class of 2024 gets closer to graduation,we thought it would be a great idea to see where some of our childhood influencers are now. We asked seniors at Taft who they used to watch as a child and...

Students showing their favorite perfumes

De-mistyfing the Scents of Taft

Taylor Golden and Vicki Lipski May 8, 2024

The stairwell by the umbilical cord is the school pranksters’ favorite stink ball target, while the classrooms are prone to either the sweet smells of every type of flower imaginable or musky woods of...

Road To Home

Road To Home

Sahara Samrah and Martyna Jeziorska April 26, 2024

Not everyone has the perfect plan for life where they “have it all figured out” on the first go. Some people take years before finding out what they desire in life and we’re here to tell you that...

How to Properly Dissect a Situationship

How to Properly Dissect a Situationship

Taft Secret Admirers (S.S. & M.J.), Reporter March 18, 2024

When does the chase end? Taft Today's secret admirers are here to find out, what's the big deal with situationships? Do students at Taft value labels? How do you determine the level of commitment with...

Olivia Rodrigo: A Teenage Dream

Olivia Rodrigo: A Teenage Dream

Kiara Malave and Kailee Roman March 15, 2024

On Friday Feb. 23, Olivia Rodrigo performed her first show for her Guts tour in Palm Springs. Upon arrival for the show, fans noticed four candles melting spelling out guts. When the candles are burnt...

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