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Seniors’ Last Memories

Courtesy of reporters.
Courtesy of reporters.

The class of 2024 is nearing the end of their school year. We wanted to see how our fellow seniors’ experiences at Taft might have been different than ours.

We decided to ask our fellow seniors what they will not only miss about going to school here but what are some memories they will hold onto forever.

We asked two friends Jordan Logan and Miguel Guevara who have known each other since their sophomore year of high school. We talked about things they will miss and memories they have.

“There’s a lot of memories, I’ll probably have to say sophomore year the first day of school. Just coming in and seeing all the new faces because I came from a private school. So switching up was really different,” Logan said.

“Mr. Pildes’ class sophomore year with Jordan was fun and entertaining,” Guevara said.

We wanted to expand who we talked to so we reached out to IB student Kadiatou Diallo. We know IB kids have to maintain their way in school to keep up with their grade. We asked her what her favorite memory was and if she had a teacher who helped her out with everything.

“Doing club activities here at Taft. I have made great memories being in these clubs. As for teachers that have helped me out, shoutout to my current English teacher, Mr. Will. He will grade the latest assignments and that helps me out and boost my grade up,” Diallo said.

As seniors we realize there are certain things we can’t change anymore. We talked to these three individuals and asked if they have any regrets from their high school years.

“Getting caught and getting in trouble for sure. I don’t regret it but I kind of wish it didn’t happen,” said Guevara.

“I regret not doing sports, specifically baseball,” said Logan.

“I regret being friends with people too easily. I think I tend to interact with people to0 much. I’m one of those people that’s like ignorance is bliss or if they haven’t done me wrong then I’ll try to see the good in them,”  said Diallo.

We are going to say our goodbyes and leave behind our journey at Taft as we enter the next chapter in our lives. The only question we had left was a very simple yet complicated answer.

Do you think you’re ready to graduate?

“Yes, I am fully prepared and I have a full set up for what I am going to do for my post secondary plan,” Logan explained.

“Yes, I am ready to start the bigger things in my life and see what happens,” Guevara explained.

“I’m not going to lie, socially I think I am ready. I love interacting with people and it’s always fun to meet new aspects of people who are going to be part of your lives. Everything else I feel like will be nerve wracking in the beginning,” Diallo explained.

These are just a few of the seniors we talked to about their high school experience. Everybody has their own memories at Taft, good and bad. At the end, no matter if we are ready to graduate or not, leaving a school we spent four years at will be difficult.

The important thing is that we have these memories that will stick with us forever.

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