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NCAA Men’s March Madness

Jaiden Naranjo
March Madness

NCAA Men’s March Madness is a basketball tournament which occurs annually in the middle of March. It’s a big important sports tournament and colleges from all over the United States compete to win it all.

March Madness is always an unpredictable tournament. Taft fans attempted to make a perfect bracket this year and failed. According to the NCAA, there hasn’t ever been a perfect March Madness bracket since its inception in 1939. The odds of a perfect bracket are about 1 in 9.2 quintillion according to NCAA.

“It’s so hard to make a perfect bracket and nobody has ever done it. But my team Uconn did win and I was first place in my league against my friends,” said James Fernando, Taft junior.

March Madness is a big deal to those watching because it’s a very entertaining tournament with young talented players. Colleges go head to head against each other in intense games with unpredictable scorelines. It’s a huge deal to the teams and players because it gives them opportunities to be recognized and have a chance to make it to the NBA.

“I like watching college basketball more than the NBA because these young players give it their all and try to win it all. Even though it stresses me out alot, it’s still really fun to watch,” said Alex Furman, Taft junior.

This year was fantastic for March Madness. Uconn won back to back championships and beat Purdue 75-60 in the finals. A lot of other colleges played very well, even if they got out of the first round. Lots of the games were really close where the better team’s score was really close to the worse team’s.

“I like most of the colleges in the tournament because there are good players on a lot of different teams…The team I wanted to win this year’s championship was North Carolina because I always loved watching them and they are a good team…But unfortunately they fell very short in the sweet 16 by 2 points,” said Yassine Dahmaz, Taft junior.

Taft fans were very heartbroken when their favorite colleges lost. It’s very tough for fans to watch their teams lose knowing that their favorite teams are very talented and have so much potential for young college players.

March Madness was filled with many outstanding performances. The players that made a big impact on this year’s March Madness were players like Zach Edey, Dalton Knecht , RJ Davis, Tristen Newton and Terrence Shannon Jr. Based on their performance, these young players have a bright future ahead of them.

According to ESPN, the best player in the tournament was Zach Edey playing for Purdue. He won the John R. Wooden Award twice in a row becoming the first player in 40 years to win twice. The John R. Wooden Award is only given to the best college player in the country. Zach Edey would also lead Purdue to the finals.

This year’s March Madness was overall very entertaining and filled students with different emotions. Even though nobody had a perfect bracket, Taft students still enjoyed the games and can’t wait for next year’s March Madness. 

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