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The photo above shows the three winners of the Taft’s Got Talent, Alany Barrera earning first place, Leia Burton earning second place, and Zuzanna Mendus earning third place.

High school is a great way to show your true academic superiority but what about the students who excel in more unique areas? This is why we hosted  the Taft Talent Show, which took place on May 3 from 3:30 pm to 7 pm and was located in the Taft Varsity Campus Auditorium. 

Whether it’s singing, dancing, or juggling, all talents were welcome. Showrunner Marianne Villasenor said, “I did two talent shows in the past as a fundraiser for the American Lung Association. It seemed like it had been a long time since Taft had one and I thought it would be nice for our students to show off their talents again.”

Taft is a busy place with many people trying to claim space. When asked the biggest challenge to face, Villasenor said, “Logistics. Trying to get a time, date and space for the auditions, rehearsals and the actual show. There are a ton of activities going on at our high school!”

One student who participated in the show, Rosalia Locascio, said, “I’ve been a performer almost my whole life, it’s one of my favorite things to do. The feeling of being in front of a crowd and singing, dancing, or any performing act really gets me in the deepest parts of my soul.”

Each student dedicated a massive amount of time and energy into perfecting their performances. According to Villasenor there were13 prepared acts for the show.

Losascio explained, “I’ve prepared by practicing the song a lot on my own, and of course incorporating time with all the other band members to practice during our meeting days. Being the main vocalist, it’s important that I have not just a basic sense of the song, but as well as my own understanding of it.”

Auditions are another portion of the process that was required when wanting to participate in the talent show. This was held March 15 where students performed a small portion of their specified talent in the Forum. 

Nervousness isn’t uncommon when in front of a crowd. Locascio said, “Stage fright doesn’t go away or lessen all on its own all the time, sometimes it really takes a team. That’s what makes a great performance, not just knowing and performing the music, but having that great group chemistry, trust, and bond with one another.”

There are benefits outside of just our students at Taft. Besides showing off themselves, Villasenor explained, “Yes, it is a competition and there will be trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. It is also a fundraiser with Student Government. The money raised will benefit Cradles to Crayons.”

Created by Lynn Margherio in 2002, Cradles to Crayons is an organization dedicated to helping children living in homeless or low income situations get the essentials they need to live, learn, and play. They have currently served more than three million children. 

Another contender in the talent show, Alyssa Barrow, had a lot to say about her experience in the whole process. “The process was really good, so there were three teachers, including Ms. Villasenor, and I was alone, so there’s no student peer pressure or anything.”

She continued to talk about her thoughts and mindset going into the show, “Well I have never performed alone before, I’ve done a lot of musical theater since the third grade, but I’m excited but I’m also nervous.” 

Through all these students’ hard work and preparation, three places were honored. First place went to Alany Barrera, second place went to Leia Burton, and third place went to Zuzanna Mendus. However all of the hardworking participants were recognized as well and all students had an amazing time performing and attending. 

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