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Sweet Cafe Review


A new restaurant called the Sweet Cafe has opened up recently on Nagle and Higgins and we think there’s a lot to say about it.

According to Taft senior, John Allison, “The food tasted good and the people were nice, but it was a little expensive.”

Many people had similar opinions and felt that the food was good, but not good enough for the price it was set at. However, the price was not the only issue that customers had with the Sweet Cafe.

“It was a little more modern looking which made it less welcoming in comparison to some of the other spots I’ve been to,” said Taft senior Kenan Carkic.

The new look is something that has drawn people to this new cafe, as well as the location. The prices in comparison to other breakfast spots are what make people think twice about deciding if it’s worth the trip.

“I would go back because of proximity, but not the food,” said Allison.

Some people feel that the cafe is not worth the money and that other places are a much better experience, but that is not what everybody thinks. Some people who went feel that it is a much needed improvement.

“It is a big upgrade from The Big Top, which is the restaurant that was there before,” said Taft junior Danny Marr.

Having the Sweet Cafe so close to Taft made it a popular topic to talk about with friends and discuss going out to eat there one weekend. It is in a pretty popular location where a lot of street traffic passes by which helps give the cafe a lot of business. 

The restaurant is still relatively new so the people there are still trying to find their footing and learn as they grow bigger. According to online reviews from Google, the service could take a while at times and that is one of the main things that people had to complain about. 

It being a newer location also gives some room to grow. Many of the online reviews also specified that they would love to come back some later time to try out the food again, but not soon due to the fact of how new it is.

We have also been to this cafe and our opinions are very open. Having it be a new place and all makes it easier to give some grace when judging.

We both agreed that the food was good and we would go back, but it was definitely a little pricey. There are other places that we have been to that have food that tastes just as good, if not better, for less.

It is, on the other hand, very close to both of us and it wouldn’t be as much gas money as other places. There was also a lot of parking which makes it very appealing and it is a good spot to go wherever we would want to go after eating.

If you like modern little restaurants then we would say the Sweet Cafe is the spot for you. Feel free to try it out for yourself and share your opinions on how your experience was.

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