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Summer Fashion at Taft

Courtesy of Yvette Santiago.

Taft students are putting away their winter clothes and bringing out their best summer fits. Without a strict school dress code, Taft students are able to express themselves through the use of clothes. As you walk through the hallways expect to see a variety of styles and aesthetics.

Taft senior Maisie Rivera predicts that summer dresses will be the new upcoming trend. “Trends are constantly changing because they go so quickly. I also think it’s interesting how old trends come back into fashion. Currently I have noticed that 80’s and 90’s fashion has become popular among the younger generation,” she said.

Rivera continued, “I prefer summer fits over winter fits because I personally wear a lot of skirts and dresses and it’s easier to adjust to the weather changes in the summer rather than winter.”

Rivera went on to discuss how sometimes the fashion industry can be toxic with showcasing models that lack diversity. “People should wear what they feel comfortable with, but at the same time they shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and aesthetics that empower them and their personalities- if you look good then you will feel good,” she said.

Social media apps like Pinterest, TikTok and so forth can be great tools to get inspiration for outfits both for the summer and winter. Even if a certain style choice doesn’t suit your fashion, try to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new aesthetics and make your own trends.

Taft junior Annalie Giang predicts that denim skirts, halter tops and tube tops will be the new trend for this upcoming summer. “Wear something that’s comfortable for the weather and that makes you feel good about yourself,” she said.

“People can elevate their outfits by accessorizing with jewelry, bags and so forth. Clothes can be empowering because you are able to express yourself and it can be a confidence boost. I prefer summer fits over winter fits because you are able to show off your full outfit while having heavy winter attire covering it up,” said Giang.

Whether you like summer or winter clothes, clothing can be a way to express yourself. When you wear something that you like and feel represents you as a person it makes you feel good about yourself and can make you feel happier as you go about your day.

Taft sophomore Marjay Jones predicts that jorts will be trending this summer because of current trends on TikTok. “I pick my outfits based on what I’m feeling that day, my outfits can represent my emotions and personality. I recommend people to wear what they want to wear and have fun with it and be creative,” he said.

“I think summer fits are better than winter fits because you can be more versatile, and although I agree with certain social standards when it comes to fashion, I believe that people should wear whatever they want. People should be themselves,” said Jones.

“Fashion is my way to express myself and it’s something that I have found myself in my clothing and outfits. Even if other people might not care about how the dress, to me fashion is art,” said Jones.

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