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Super Bowl 2024

Super Bowl 2024

The Super Bowl is a very big thing all around the world. Everyone gets excited to watch their favorite teams go head to head for the trophy. Certain people like to watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show or even the commercials. They have their money ready to bet on who will win. 

A lot of people weren’t very excited about this year’s Super Bowl. Many thought it would be a repeat of the 2020 game. This year we had the 49ers vs the Kansas City Chiefs. The thing is we have seen this one already. 

Back in 2020 these two teams went head to head during the Super Bowl. The 49ers took a loss and the Kansas City Chiefs took home the trophy during the 2020 Super Bowl.

Some people thought that this could be a redemption for the 49ers. As others believed that the Kansas City Chiefs would take yet another win this year. I talked to some Taft students who watched this year’s game and got their predictions.

Senior Roberto Duran was very convinced that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to win. “The only reason why I say Chiefs are going to win again when the 49ers went against the Chiefs they actually lost not by a lot but I see it as the same situation as last time,” he said.

Other Taft students actually believed that the 49ers had the game in the bag. Many students are tired of seeing Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl. 

Senior Rafael Diaz said, “The 49ers are going to win. I’m tired of seeing Mahomes win every game you know; He needs to be stopped. The 49ers have some good offensive they can use this game.” 

Many students believe that Patrick Mahomes is a good player. He has brought home three Super Bowl wins.  

“The Kansas City Chiefs will win because Patrick Mahomes is just the goat. I would bet on Patrick Mahomes because he is the greatest QB right now,” said senior Christian Mercado.

The Super Bowl is big throughout all grade levels not just upperclassmen.Alex Cuevas, who is a sophomore on the Varsity Football team, shared his thoughts on the game.

“The 49ers are going to win because the Chiefs suck. One advantage the 49ers have is their QB Brock Purdy,” said Cuevas.

Brock Purdy is the QB for the San Francisco 49ers. Nobody wanted him during the NFL draft. Yet he was able to bring his team not just to the playoffs but to the Super Bowl. 

The Super Bowl occurred Feb. 11. Both teams were tied 19-19 which caused the game to go into overtime. The 49ers had it in the bag 22-19 after scoring a field goal they could’ve won the game.

All of the sudden the game was over; Confetti hit the field. They won again. The Kansas City Chiefs scored a touchdown leaving the final score at 25-22 giving Kansas City another win.

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