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Where are your Favorite Influencers now?

Picture of a bunch of influencers
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Picture of a bunch of influencers

As the class of 2024 gets closer to graduation,we thought it would be a great idea to see where some of our childhood influencers are now. We asked seniors at Taft who they used to watch as a child and if they know what they are up to now. 

Senior Jordan Logan said, “I used to watchCoryXKenshin but never knew what happened to him.” CoryXKenshin is a gamer YouTuber who posts videos of himself playing for his fans’ entertainment. The last video he uploaded was on June 27, 2023, where he reacted to the Five Night at Freddy’s movie trailer.

This isn’t the first time CoryXKenshin took a social media break according to his fans. According to in 2018 he took a break after he lost his aunt due to cancer. After a break he came back to only leave later on but this time with no explanation. stated, “He revealed that he found himself depressed and anxious because of YouTube. He stated that he wished his life could’ve amounted to more and he felt he spent too much time focusing on his videos and overthinking them.” Nobody really knows the truth but fans are waiting for his return.

Senior JoJo Huertas grew up watching Logan Paul but grew out of that. Currently as of 2024 Logan Paul is a wrestler in WWE. He has a business with partner KSI where they have created an energy drink together called prime. They have collaborated with lots of big people like the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Not only has Logan Paul been gaining a lot of support with his career, he recently announced on Instagram to his fans that he is now currently engaged to his girlfriend Nina Agdal.

They are currently expecting a baby girl coming this fall. So where is Logan Paul now? Well you can see in his social media post that he is living his best life and couldn’t be happier with everything he has achieved.

Sophomore Alex Cuevas watched YouTuber Faze Rug as a kid. “ I still watch him, I’m just not keeping up to date with him as much anymore,” Cuevas said.

Rug, also known as Brian Awadis, is a YouTuber who started filming content back in 2009 and opened up his own channel in 2012. A year later he was invited to join “Faze Clan” which is one of the most popular gaming channels. He is now a co-owner of the channel and is currently still with the group. 

Rug has his own G-Fuel energy drink that he has promoted world-wide according to his Instagram page and YouTube videos. 

Unfortunately about five months ago Rug announced in a Youtube video with his family that their puppy, Bosley, who had been with them since Rug  was younger, passed away. Ever since then he seems to be doing better and he is doing whatever he can to make sure he can take care of his parents as seen in many of his videos. 

These are only a few creators students at Taft watched growing up. Seeing these creators we grew up with change their way of life and grow up themselves shows us that maybe it won’t be so bad after all.


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