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New Starbucks Location

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On the corner of Harlem and Bryn Mawr, there is a construction site in the process of building a Starbucks. This could affect the neighborhood and Taft in many ways. 

There is another Starbucks located in Harwood Heights, not too far from the one being built. This location alone collects a lot of foot traffic, so this new Starbucks plans to reduce the traffic and lines in that area. The plan is to make it faster and easier to get orders to customers.  

Starbucks is already a very popular coffee shop, so just imagine the amount of customers they would have regardless of their plans. It’s wise in the business aspect to place this shop in this location but is it so helpful for traffic?

Since the project is still in progress, it is hard to say how the business hours of Starbucks will be and how they will manage the foot traffic in addition to the regular traffic from the expressway and one-way street by which it is located. This has led to many people being concerned, such as some Taft teachers like Jennifer Romain and Katrina Vafakos. 

Katrina Vafakos, Taft Diverse Learners teacher, stated, “ There’s a lot of issues with this particular Starbucks because you have people trying to get on the expressway; people trying to drop others off at the bus stop.”

Vafakos continued, “As well as the traffic, you’d have to go around the whole neighborhood and take the side streets in order to exit the Starbucks without creating even more traffic and mess.”

“There will be so many adults, kids won’t be an issue. However, there will be so much foot and car traffic- an accident waiting to happen.”

Jennifer Romain, a Spanish teacher at Taft, orders from Starbucks three or four times a week. Her normal order is a chocolate cream cold brew. When interviewed, she stated, “ I think that the Starbucks is good for business and the town.” 

She continued, “It’s a nice place for students and teachers to hang out, especially teachers who need their coffee to function; it can also be a good job opportunity for students.”

Romain continued, “ However, there will also be a lot of students being late to class waiting for their orders, it could also provide a place for students to skip, in addition, it will cause a lot of traffic, but overall, it would be a good addition to the town.”

Now, from a student’s perspective on the new Starbucks, Madison Baez, a senior at Taft, normally goes two to three times a week to grab a drink.

Baez said, “I wait ten minutes or more for my order..Many Taft students will go to this Starbucks. One hundred percent this will affect traffic.”

Baez continued, saying, “ But it will be nice since you don’t have to go all the way to Harwood Heights for Starbucks.”

However, these are just predictions, and it is to be determined how this new Starbucks will affect Taft and the Taft area. So far, it seems that a lot of customers will be a part of the Taft community; teachers and students alike. It should hopefully be opening in the upcoming year.

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