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Academic struggles are a thing of the past with the student-run Tutoring Center here at Taft. The Tutoring Center has recently expanded its available dates from Thursday and Tuesday to now being open four days a week, Monday through Thursday after school from 3:00 to 5:15. 

The Tutoring Center has teacher supervisors on different days for different subjects, in addition to many students who give up their after school hours to help the students around them. Students come to the Tutoring Center for many reasons such as studying, test retakes, additional help and even sometimes extra credit opportunities. 

The Tutoring Center was started by Taft teachers Rachel Nalley and Abigail Cozariuc, about two years ago. Rachel Nalley is an English teacher and supervisor in the Tutoring Center. She said, “I wanted a space that empowered students to help others- the Tutoring Center is very student operated.” 

The Tutoring Center not only helps students learn and get assistance with what they need, it also helps teachers by relieving the stress of having to schedule test retakes for absent students and or giving them the chance to send students who are having a hard time and would do better with one on one learning to the Tutoring Center, said Nalley.

“It also helps the tutors feel more connected to the school community and the tutees to feel supported throughout the highschool experience,” said Nalley, who appreciates all the tutors who donate their time. “I have received positive feedback especially from students who want to get work done and want the support of someone looking over their work so they can be able to ask questions if needed.” 

Taft junior Maeve Deane is a student tutor in the Tutoring Center. She has been a tutor since the beginning of her sophomore year. Deane said, “ I am excited that the Tutoring Center is expanding because it gives me more options of days that I can attend- the Tutoring Center has been doing really well and I have fun helping people.”

She continued, “I usually go to the Tutoring Center on Tuesdays but now I am able to go on other days that I am free, so that I can do homework or get more hours.” Tutors are required to have two hours a week of tutoring. In addition, tutors are trained by one of the supervisors before they can become an actual tutor, so they are well prepared to help the students around them.

“One thing the Tutoring Center can improve on is having more school supplies, formulas and study guides available for students who want extra help and other studying opportunities,” said Deane. She later went on to say that, “ Students shouldn’t be embarrassed to go for tutoring; tutors don’t judge. They are accepting of everyone, they enjoy getting people to learn and improve their grades.”

Angela Lope, a junior at Taft, has been to the Tutoring Center a few times for additional help and for test make ups. She said, “ My experience has been really effective and beneficial for me”

“I believe anyone can attend tutoring whether it’s for making up tests, homework, or as simple as having a study hall after school. I believe tutoring is for everyone. Everyone should use it as an advantage when they have the chance because it really has helped me. It’s like a second chance,” said Lope.

Lope continued, “I’m able to stay more focused in a school setting than at home. It’s also nice to be able to have understanding tutors, so that I can ask for clarification when I need it.”

The Tutoring Center is located in the lunchroom in front of the counselors office. The Tutoring Center accepts walk-ins and or appointments can be made through the use of the Tutoring Center website that is on the Taft website.

On the website you can view the available tutors, learn what they specialize in tutoring and choose a time to attend the tutoring session. The Tutoring Center is open after school between 3:00 through 5:15. Once a tutoring session is booked it will appear in the calendar of both the tutor and the tutoree and will send a helpful reminder. 

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