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The class of 2024 has approximately 1,034 seniors, which all are feeling different emotions as they begin their last year of High School.

Iris Garcia, Taft senior, said that she had her reality check on the first day of school. “Yes, I’m nervous. Only because I don’t know how things are going to be. Everything is going to change after high school.” She stated that she wants to be more independent.

Many students prepare themselves for college and their future in general. “I am preparing for after high school by volunteering at local hospitals in order to prepare myself for my daily life as a doctor,” says Larissa Cukovic, Taft senior.

Cukovic continued this thought by saying that she is a bit nervous but excited to prepare herself for medical school. “I knew since the beginning of my academic studies that I wanted to be in a position that improves people’s lives.”

Students are feeling mixed emotions for their last year. Garcia says that she is feeling, “happy to be graduating, but also sad,” because she would have to change her routine after having the same one for many years. While Cukovic feels relieved because of the stress of senior year, and high school in general, but proud of overcoming the difficulties.

IB teachers who have had their kids for multiple years are preparing their students for the next chapter of their life. “ Taft has offered our seniors through their high school experience a plethora of opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally,” says Mr. Gianettos, Taft IB teacher.

These teachers have grown connections to the students. This means that they are feeling a bittersweet feeling while watching their eagles leave the nest. Giannetos said that he is sad to watch them leave but at the same time it is nice to see them move along with their lives. He cannot wait to watch what the next chapter brings.

The teachers who have taught the students for multiple years are feeling different than the students. The teachers know that the kids are going through “senioritis.” They are doing everything they can in order to keep them on track. With that being said teachers feel pleased and have a sense of satisfaction for the growth and maturity of their students.

As the year goes on the students will hit their realization of growing up. While many tears will be shed the 2024 class will leave the nest soon to begin the next chapter of their lives. Bigger and better things are on the way for their paths in life.

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