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Fantasy Busts through Week 4

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NFL season has started and it is  just about four weeks in. Four weeks in means that Fantasy owners are four weeks into fantasy football season as well. Some players who have statistically majorly underperformed have been players like Kyle Pitts and George Kittle.

There are plenty of busts and breakouts so far but first off the one that is statistically not living up to his worth is George Kittle. Senior Jonathan Ruttkowski was asked about Kittle and his performances so far and said,

“When looking at George Kittle’s numbers throughout his career he put up astronomical numbers and was a consistent player and with him working just as hard and not missing time he has declined fantasy wise which is pretty bad considering that nothing around him has changed much.”

Another player who is not living up to his hype is Kyle Pitts. Pitts has been a bust since day one being projected 12-14 points a game by professionals and then only scoring 3-4 points week after week. Taft senior Jonathan Ruttkowski has some strong feelings on Kyle Pitts.

“I had such high expectations for Pitts with the scouting reports and seeing his combine but he let himself down all of last year and all around just is not a good player. He deserves to not be drafted or to just be on your bench for emergencies,” he said.

Ruttkowski believes that Kyle Pitts is no good for fantasy owners and statistically that cannot be argued. Though he believes that Pitts is no good he has very different thoughts on Kittle. Ruttkowski thinks Kittle is in a different boat than Pitts and that Kittle has the talent but just is not using it. 

When Senior Jimmy Santiago was asked about Kittle, he said, “Kittle is similar to Pitts but different in the way that Pitts is new and he still has time to improve and Prove, Kittle on the other hand has proved that he can be literally the best tight end in the league but this year he is just not getting it thrown to him. I truly believe that both tight ends would benefit better on another team.”

Both Ruttkowski and Santiago have similar but different strong feelings on Pitts and Kittle. Statistically Pitts and Kittle are underperforming but there is still 12 weeks of NFL regular and fantasy season left and professionals have not given up on the 2 so the only thing to do is wait and see if Pitts and Kittle can bounce back.

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