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Course Selections For Next Year


As the new school year is approaching, students are preparing to choose their classes for next year. Typically, classes are first come first served which is why it’s important for students to select their classes ahead of time. 

This year, Taft allowed early access to class selections if students attended the Open House which was on Feb. 9, but for other students the starting date to select their classes was Feb. 12. When selecting classes it’s important to pay attention to the available amount of class selections since there are some course placement classes that are a requirement to take.Marianne Villasenor has been the Scheduling Manager for Taft for 22 years. She discussed how she meets up with administration and other program managers, from which each administration department will discuss which classes will be available to students. She went on to explain that her job is to see what classes are open and the capacity to which that class can be fulfilled.

Villasenor stated, “It’s important as well for students to pick alternative classes or else the classes will be chosen for them. Students have to take certain classes depending on requirements they haven’t met or as well if they have an IEP, so that they can get classes with teachers to offer available support.”

“It’s a whole process that starts in October and ends in August. We also have to take account of students transferring into Taft. We also have to meet state and city requirements to help students reach their needs,” said Villasenor.

The Taft Website says,“The Administration, Counseling Department, and Faculty at Taft High School strive to program students into appropriate courses with the following goal and framing principle in mind: our goal is to place Students at Taft in courses where they have strong short-term outcomes and prepare the groundwork for long-term success.”

It is also important to note that it’s a good idea to select alternative class options, and to make sure your second or third choice is a class that you are going to enjoy since your first choice might not be that class you get into. Additionally, once you’re in a class next year it can be quite the challenge to get your schedule or class changed.

Taft sophomore Mia Romo filled out her class selections and shared her thoughts on the importance of students choosing their classes. 

“I think it’s important for students to choose their classes because that way they can get the classes they want and that are interesting to them- it will encourage them to actually do the work,” said Romo.

She continued to state, “ I agree with having certain course placement classes, because it might come in handy in the future and it also allows students to check out other classes and find subjects that they are interested in and might want to continue to study as a career.”

“Right now, I am in regular classes but I have asked my counselor to change some of my classes such as physics to IB or more advanced ones. I am also excited to take guitar, studio sculpture; it was nice to be able to choose a good amount of my classes,” said Romo.

Since the opening of the course selections many students have visited their counselors. The counselors are located in the lunchroom and students can visit them during their lunch period or if they make appointments. They have opened up their schedule for students to guide them through the selection process which is located in Aspen.

Tristan Villanueva, a sophomore at Taft, gave his advice to other students who are in the process of selecting their classes. Villanueva said, “I think it’s important to pick classes that you are interested in and to not pick classes just because your friends are choosing those classes.” 

He continued, “It’s also helpful to choose classes that you are interested in so that you have some basic knowledge of what is going on in that class. It also helps students learn when they are excited about the subject of the classes, for example I am excited to take strength and conditioning because working out is something that I have interest in.”

“It’s also important to take your required classes so that you can have all your credits for graduation purposes, it also helps if students want to go to college so that they can have previous knowledge of the subject from the classes that they took in high school,” said Villanueva.

The classes that are chosen your sophomore year are connected to the classes you’re able to take your junior and senior year. For instance, some IB classes require you to take the course for two years. Some classes require experience from another class such as Journalism I is required in order to take Journalism II.

Taft junior Jennifer Pop picked her classes for next school year and shared her thoughts concerning course selections. 

“It’s important to pick classes because it motivates students to attend their classes. I went to the counselor to see the classes I need in order to graduate which helped me pick my classes for next year,” said Pop.

Many students have rushed to pick their classes for next year. If students haven’t done so already, choose your classes before the deadline Feb. 25 so you’re able to get the classes you want and don’t forget to pick your alternative classes. Classes are first come first serve.

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