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Students’ Picks for Prom Theme

Courtesy of Google Images.
Courtesy of Google Images.


On Jan. 24, Taft High School seniors all received an email from Assistant Principal Patrick Levins about a Prom Theme Ballot for the Graduating Eagles of 2024. 


Prom is being held on May 31 at Rosemont O’Hare Hyatt. (6 PM – 11 PM). Prom is only open to eligible Taft seniors and one optional guest. The cost per ticket is to be discussed. (It was $125 in 2023).


The ballot itself is a Google Form where there are three themes to choose from: Old HollyWood, Victorian Era (Mustard, Burgundy, and White), and A Year to Remember (Pink, Gold, and White).


Old Hollywood consists of the colors maroon, black, and gold with a rich, vintage celebrity theme. The vision board illustrates both a style of filmmaking that was first developed during the closing years of the silent film era: in the 1910s to 1920s.


Victorian Era is made up of mustard, burgundy, and white formal wear. This board comprises the various fashions in British culture that emerged and developed in the United Kingdom and the British Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria.


And lastly, A Year to Remember is a modern take on the themes with colors of pastel pink, gold, and white. Glitter and bedazzle take over this aesthetic with party balloons and shining diamonds written all over the board.


The Prom Committee made a bunch of suggestions. Rachel Miner, the advisor of the Prom Committee, says that the seniors arranged ideas using books and coordinated the themes using vision boards. “There were originally six to seven vision boards, and the best three were picked to be our themes.”


She said there were three groups coming up with these ideas. “It was just seniors, no admin were involved.”


She also gave the inside scoop of the champion and each theme’s percentages. “Old Hollywood won by 64.1%, then we have A Year to Remember, which collected a total of 26.9%, and Victorian Era 9%.


Despite having a clear winner, what do other students think?  Is there a reason as to why Old Hollywood won?


Angelina Andrade, senior, says she picked Old Hollywood because as a kid she wanted to run the red carpet, “Especially for one of the biggest events in high school, prom!”


“I’m going to match the theme,” she said, “I’m going to wear black, white, and maroon. I’m also putting on makeup and jewelry for it.”


She also says that Victorian Era was a good theme but A Night to Remember is not.


Dominique Moran, Taft senior, chose Victorian Era because it gives students more to experiment with. She says, “It’s more fun, and A Year to Remember is basic: it’s our senior prom, so we would remember anyway.”


I personally picked Old Hollywood as the best theme. I love the colors and can imagine how great it would look. Obviously, I know that very few people will dress according to the theme, but if decorations are to be put up, I’m sure it would look spectacular.

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