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Taft Pride Alliance – GSA

Taft Pride Alliance - GSA

Taft has over 25 clubs and oftentimes we can lose sight of how important each and every one of them is. However, we can’t forget about the club that anyone can join regardless of race, age, or class: The Pride Alliance.

The club consists of five members varying from sophomores to seniors. The club president, Sap Silva, a senior at Taft said that the pride alliance’s main purpose is to, “Create a safe haven for LGBTQ + kids.” Genuinely emphasizing that they hope to make Taft a negativity free place and a place where everyone feels like they belong. When asked why the student body should join this club, Silva said, “There’s always room to expand your knowledge.”

Contrary to popular belief the Pride Alliance isn’t just for lqbtq + people it’s for kids who feel out of place at their home or at school. Owen O’Connor, a junior at Taft and another member of the club, said “ the pride alliance is a very kind community that helps spread awareness and provides free snacks.” 

The pride alliance is a great club at Taft that deserves all the support, but also all the members. The club has been around for several years now but the members are decreasing as the school years go by and the club has shared some of their favorite memories to persuade you to join. Jakub Perez, a sophomore here at Taft, said his favorite memory was “ the holiday themed parties.” 

The others had so many memories to choose from. Silva shared that their favorite memory was, “My presentation and getting elected for vice president, it was the first time I realized how much support I had in this club.” However, O’Connor chose to bring to light a different memory, “Making a sign for the pride parade and having the mascot hold.” Two different ways in which they felt seen and heard.

Gina O’Neil, an IB teacher and sponsor of the Pride Alliance, shared the club’s difficulty getting more members stating that most of the members heard about the club through word of mouth. When asked what they’re doing to promote the club she said, “we print flyers and post things on the website but we never seem to gain members.”

Although we know that GSA/Pride Alliance are important we often don’t really ask why. Perez perfectly explained it when he said, “Sometimes you feel like you don’t have a voice. It’s stolen from you by the adults in our lives and we’re told that we’re not worth listening to. That’s what this club does. Gives you a voice.” 

These types of clubs are essentially the backbone to schools. Everyone regardless of race, age, gender, or sexuality nobody should feel left out. If you or anybody else you know needs a place to feel safe or express themselves, the Pride Alliance is the place to go. They meet every Tuesday in Room 101.

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