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Paper Versus Computers

Courtesy of Google Images.
Courtesy of Google Images.

Over the years technology has become extremely prominent in our society. Computers, tablets, Iphones and so much more have become a major part of our lives and are constantly evolving. Schools have begun to implement technology more and more over the years. 

Overall the spike in use of technology within schools started in 2020 when Covid became prominent and Quarantine was put in place. The use of computers was heavily implemented due to remote learning and it’s been that way since.

In almost every class,I use computers daily. I rarely have assignments on paper and when I do they are often simple tasks or study guides. Fellow students constantly talk about their frustrations with both computer and paper assignments. I wanted to find out which the students prefer more.

I personally love writing on paper and doing assignments with paper and pen. I feel classwork and homework is more appealing to me when it’s a paper assignment rather than virtual. 

Technology has taken over our lives and I find it refreshing to do work on paper and get a break from technology. 

Taft senior Nathalie Shagui said, “Looking at the screen for too long hurts my eyes and gives me headaches, so I enjoy doing work on paper because it gives my eyes and brain a break.”

Many students have opinions on the matter and the debate is split.

Taft senior Alina Love said, “I like doing work on paper because it gives me more motivation, something about having a pen in my hand and a paper in front of me makes me want to do it.”

Work done on paper has had an extremely positive response from the student body but so has computers and technology.

Many feel that due to the prominence and knowledge of technology that our generation has, it’s easier and more efficient to use technology.

Taft senior Jessie Nguyen said, “I prefer using paper because my hands are less tired and I type faster than I write. For me it’s more efficient.” 

Another Taft senior Cristian Martinez said, “Personally I prefer doing homework on a computer because mistakes and corrections are easily fixed. It’s easier to access more information through google and everything is all in one place.”

The debate between Paper and Computers has no true winner. People love paper and they love computers. 

There is no doubt that computers and technology have made huge breakthroughs in society and continue to give students more opportunities but overall, I feel that the use of paper is important and allows breathers from the constant technology in our daily lives.

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