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Courtesy of Google Images.
Courtesy of Google Images.

Unite and Connect is a new club here at Taft only coming into the picture three years ago coming back from Covid-19. By inventing this club, it gives a community to not only the members, but the school as well. By bringing these students together not only does it bring people closer, but the members help sponsor the events that go on around Taft.

Giovanni Matos, a Taft senior, is a student who has seen what the club Unite and Connect can do. Matos has been to the STEM night hosted by Taft and run by Unite and Connect, a robotics club. Matos learned about this club from his AVID teacher, Mrs. Miner who he says, “Heavily encouraged me to volunteer.”

After helping out and being part of the Unite and Connect community Matos said that his favorite part was seeing everyone come together and introduce young kids into the world of robotics. Matos said he would rank his experience nine out of ten and he encourages students to join the club.

Rachel Miner, AVID teacher and sponsor of Unite and Connect, monitors everything that goes on. Miner created the club to help students find a safe space for students and helps them explore the different clubs at Taft. After Covid happened it was hard for students to reconnect again. 

Yes, Miner recommends the club for students to try because in the club everyone knows how it is to be alone at Taft. In the club students are doing team work, helping with responsibilities, and students communicate with one another. “Everyone is nice, helpful, kind, and welcoming in the club,” Miner said. 

Rim Ayouchi,  a Taft junior, is a new participant in Unite and Connect. Ayouchi spoke out on her experience telling readers,  “I am really enjoying my time here. It’s fun, I like to help, and  it’s kind of like a safe space for me.” When asked how she found out about the clubs she said her AVID teacher, Miner, thought she would be a great fit.

All in all Unite and Connect is a welcoming Taft club that meets bi-weekly on Wednesdays and comes together to help events around the campus. The main goal is to bring students together so they can find what they like so everyone can have a safe space here at Taft High School.

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