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Students’ Chance to Give Back

Olivia Paolucci
This is a photo of the truck that loads and transports all of the blood used to save people’s lives from the Taft Student Government Blood Drive.

Student Government hosted a Blood Drive to serve many communities across Chicago and the Midwest. 

Throughout the last three years Taft has hosted this drive about five times.This was a great way for students to immerse themselves in our diverse community and give back to people in need. 

The confirmed registration date was April 10, in the cafeteria where students could sign up for a certain time slot that benefitted them. 

When asked why Taft specifically was asked to host this blood drive, Student Government sponsor Hannah Kahn said,  “Schools provide a lot of young healthy people they can connect with and give students the opportunity to give back.”

Student Government Representative Charles Hans said,“It demonstrates the importance of giving back to the community and being charitable.” A goal for Taft as a whole is to create a wide and diverse community with people and organizations to help others. 

A great way to get involved at Taft and Taft communities is to join or reach out to a representative or advisor of the Taft Student Government. As the whole they represent Taft not only as a school but the events that are run for or at the school. 

Hans then said, “The organization we worked with is the one that has put together all the past blood drives, so we have an existing relationship with them.”

One student who participated in the blood drive, Deanna Raczkiewycz, said, “ I participated to save lives because of the national blood shortage. I’ve Tried to donate before but my iron was too low so this is my first time.”

One member on the medical staff, Daphne Maddox, was eager to share her experience as a nurse helping out during this event. “So I’ve been in the medical field because I’ve always been passionate about helping people you know and I feel like I have a touch to heal personally.”

We asked her what her favorite part of the job is and she responded with, “Knowing the roundabout of where the donation goes, it goes to somebody and it saves possibly three lives, one donation can possibly save three lives.”

Hopefully more opportunities to give back for Taft students will arise in the future, be sure to check your email and get involved with student made clubs or groups.

More information on the blood drive requirements can be found at 

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