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Senior Assassin

Water gun drawing
Jaiden Naranjo
Water gun drawing

The time of the year for seniors to participate in Senior Assassin has come. Senior Assassin involves teams of two trying to survive while eliminating their targets with water guns.

To eliminate someone from the game, a senior must spray another competitor with a water gun. If a person in the game wears a floatie, they are granted immunity from getting eliminated except for certain days. Seniors must survive in a limited period of time to move onto the next round.

“Senior Assassin is very intense and it gets very serious. I did get out early but my partner brought me back by eliminating both of our targets. But overall, it’s a fun experience and you get to bond with other seniors,” said Josiah Jenkins, Taft senior. 

According to the Taft Senior Assassin Instagram Page, one of the rules for Senior Assassin is that you need video proof of elimination. Also the safe places are all school campus grounds, Taft sports practice and games, and before or during work. Seniors have a full week to eliminate both of their assigned targets or they are out.

“Senior Assassin can get a little too serious at some points because when me and my partner tried to eliminate our target, he proceeded to take my car and take off with it so he could escape. Yeah, it does go a little too far sometimes,” said Haido Saltouros, Taft senior.

The Senior Assassin can get taken so seriously because every player who participates puts in $5. Whoever wins Senior Assassin gets the prize pool. Due to a lot of seniors participating, the prize pool grows to a high amount. For this reason, it does get really competitive. 

Despite the competitive nature it comes with, Senior Assassin is also a fun experience to do with friends and other students. The game can get interesting with thought out strategy and fun moments. 

Sometimes students need to take risks and put a lot on the line to win. They have to be in the right place at the right time in order to encounter their target and eliminate them. Gathering information about their game plan can also be useful going forward.

“I hung out with my target for four hours and he didn’t know he was my target. I was basically undercover and I got information about their targets. Everything turned out perfectly. When I was about to leave, I eliminated him from the game, ” said Ahmed Alyasiry, Taft senior.

“I really do enjoy Senior Assassin. It’s a fun experience and it’s fun when you’re with or against your friends. I had a great time playing Senior Assassin,” said Jenkins.

Overall, Senior Assassin is a fun activity for the seniors to do, but can also be a little treacherous at some points. But it’s also a good way to bond with senior students and have fun with your friends. Good luck to all the competitors of this year’s Taft Senior Assassin, and congratulations to the winners.

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