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When you think of joining a sport usually one of the first things that pop into your head is tryouts. When are tryouts? Are there tryouts? In a lot of sports, students have to try out, however, there are some sports that don’t require them.

When some sports don’t have tryouts,usually many people join that sport because they don’t have the fear of being rejected. I still believe that these sports still need to have tryouts. Having tryouts is important because it makes the team strong and it keeps everyone safe.

For example, in Badminton,players have rackets. If the player doesn’t know at least how to hold a racket or you have a hard time with knowing your personal surroundings. You can really hurt yourself or others by bumping into or hitting someone with a racket by accident. 

If someone has trouble understanding their personal surroundings playing any sport,it could cause someone to get hurt whether that be the player or a teammate. On top of that, if a person joins a sport that they have never played before,the team might suffer from that. 

For example, if you have many freshmen on the JV team that never have played before the team isn’t going to do well. Especially if most of the team is made up of them. What some sports do is that they only have one team which is the Varsity team. 

Another problem with not having tryouts is that the players are going to want to play. So if they are on the team but just sit on the bench they will complain a lot. When the players don’t get to play a lot of the time some just stop showing up to practice.

Because they’ll have the mentality that if they just sit on the bench every game that they shouldn’t even go to practice because they aren’t going to be even able to play. This also has the players that don’t get to play talk bad about the team or sport. 

Which would cause others not to want to join the sport if they just sit out during the games. Although having tryouts is very important, I believe that it’s alright in the beginning year of the sport the don’t do tryouts because more people will be interested in it.

Still after the first two years of the sport, they should start doing tryouts. Many people will join the sport in the beginning because they don’t have to do anything to be on the team. However if a sport keeps out having tryouts there’ll be more and more people joining.

Which would make the team very crowded and again there’ll be players that won’t be able to play because of how many people that are on the team and if they can’t really play the sport. These are just some of the reasons why tryouts are very important for school sports.

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