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FNAF Movie Release Causes Extreme Excitement and Anticipation

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The Five Nights At Freddy’s movie adaptation is finally reaching its release date, and Taft fans and movie goers alike are beaming with anticipation.

The highly anticipated Five Night At Freddy’s movie, based on the popular indie horror game, ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’, has been something many have been longing to see. The movie, which has been in production for eight years, finally gave fans first looks back in May 2023 in a short teaser trailer, including a release date of Oct. 27.

Five Nights At Freddy’s is a very beloved video game series, having a total 13 games as of 2023, each earning an abundance of success. For so many years, the infamous killer animatronics have scared many kids, and now these kids are all grown up and still waiting to get their pants scared off.

“It’s really exciting seeing this video game come to life! Five Nights At Freddy’s is such a nostalgic franchise for so many already, and I definitely think the movie will gain a whole new generation of fans and please current fans, especially those who love horror,” said Kristina Aleksic, Taft senior.

Many Taft students are also excited to go with their friends to see the movie. “I’m going with my whole friend group on opening night and we’ll definitely be showing up in Halloween costumes!” said Ava Radom, Taft senior. The film will be coming out very close to Halloween, getting many people in that spooky mood.

Although many are excited, some are somewhat skeptical about the film’s quality. “I am going in with a positive mindset, but since the release of the first trailer there has already been some minor criticism from fans. I think it will be great but you never know how these live action adaptations will do,” said Jonah Arnold, Taft senior.

The film holds an impressive cast, with names like Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Lail and fan favorite, Matthew Lilard. With a cast like that attached to the Five Nights at Freddy’s film, it will definitely bring in huge crowds.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is sure to be a box office hit, possibly making it a record breaking opening night for a horror film. The movie is perfect for having a scary good time. Make sure to have lots of popcorn ready, and also be sure to have enough to share with Freddy and the rest of the animatronics!

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